I think I’m officially an ‘Easy Breezy, Beautiful’ Cover Girl…

               It’s been such a pleasure working on the Jamaican Eats magazine with Grace Cameron. She is a true professional and works diligently at putting out one of the best Caribbean magazines on the market.  Grace is a ‘hands-on’ editor, involving her readers from beginning to final print.  She shares their stories, includes photos from her readers and gets them involved with new recipes and ideas.

My first cover, July 2015, was the beginning of a wonderful relationship working on creating Caribbean inspired cuisine in my kitchen, with recipes and food photography to grace the covers.  I am proud of all the covers, each one for it’s own style and flair in the season.  The magazine was born again after a two year hiatus and now celebrating their 10th Anniversary this past July 2016.  My experience with cooking Jamaican / Caribbean infused dishes comes from my many trips to Jamaica and my love and passion for cooking Island themed foods.

The latest issue is ‘hot off the press’ and Grace also found the time to put out a cookbook,  ‘10 Reasons Why Jamaicans Run So Fast’,  to celebrate Jamaica at the Olympics.  It is filled with wonderful recipes of how and why Jamaicans run so fast along with mouth-watering photos to tempt your taste buds.  Both the magazine issue and cookbook feature top Caribbean chefs from around the world with their new ideas, style and flair for one of the worlds’ most popular and favourite cuisines.  This year,  the 2016 Olympics proved that Jamaicans do run fast with their overwhelming wins and gold medals.

You can order the cookbook now ‘10 Reasons Why Jamaicans Run So Fast’  and find out for yourself exactly what Jamaicans eat to give them the edge on their competition.  Of course, its well known that Usain Bolt ran for his final Olympics taking home gold again, attaining another status.  Gold from 3 consecutive Olympics, a feat in itself.

You can find out what all the buzz is about and join the Jamaican Eats family at:


or order your copies of the magazine and the cookbook at:

Cookbook: Why Usain Bolt & Jamaicans Run So fast

***  Contact me here if are interested in my food photography work for future projects, magazines, contract work.



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