Summer Hiatus 2012

 Wishing all my Blogging friends a Safe and Healthy Summer!

Well…Here we are in mid-summer and the weather has been wonderful!  A bit on the humid side for a few days, but I am certainly not complaining.  We wait long enough through the winter months….so the sun and heat is more than welcomed by most.

This is my ‘Summer Hiatus’ time when I find it difficult to get the recipes up on my blog for you all.   I am usually just winging it and cooking whatever inspires me, adding a little bit of this and that.  Cooking for me is trying to be as creative as possible and I really am not a fan of following directions for anything.

So…for most of the summer I will just be posting ‘Visual Delights’ of the foods that I have been creating.  I hope it inspires you to think outside the box and create whatever strikes your fancy.

Your ‘Wooden Spoons’ blogger…Jackie   🙂

I will just keep adding more photos to this post throughout the summer…

Some Simple Summer Sensations…



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