Rosy Raspberry Fizzzz…

After a visit to Lunenburg, on the south shore of Nova Scotia this past Friday….it was obvious that a new cocktail would be in the making when we returned home. We stopped in at the Ironworks Distillery and sampled a few of their delicious and great tasting vodkas and liqueurs. After settling on a couple of choices we were on our way. There is no lack of attention to detail which is obvious by their innovative bottling and packaging of their product.

The shop is situated in an old marine Blacksmith’s shop and boasts a charming and quaint setting for this interesting and unique distillery.  It once produced ironworks for the shipbuilding trade back in the day.

Distilled by hand, with only natural ingredients, I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle and delicious taste of their Raspberry Liqueur…which in turn inspired this wonderfully colourful and tasty spring cocktail.


2 oz. Sparkling rose wine ( Yellow tail bubbles )
1 1/2 oz. Ironworks Raspberry liqueur
Splash of sparkling water ( enough to top up the glass )
Squeeze of fresh lime
3-4 fresh raspberries
lemon slices
sugar & yellow food colouring
Ice chips
Sprig of rosemary


On a small plate add a small amount of sugar and 1-2 drops of yellow food colouring. Mix the sugar and spread around the plate so that the glass rim will be covered. With a wedge of lime, rim the glass ( martini or margarita style glass ) by placing it face down on the plate making sure that the rim is completely cover with the sugar.

Add to the glass the liquid ingredients along with the fresh raspberries and a slice of lemon on top. Add the ice chips and a sprig of rosemary for added garnish.

A refreshing and delightful spring or summer cocktail 🙂 Enjoy ~

Serves 1


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alicia says:

    Love it! I have some home made raspberry liqueur, I think this would be perfect for it!

    1. Sprat says:

      Thanks Alicia…It was delcious, and I am sure you will enjoy yours! I might just have to have one later today! Cheers 🙂

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