Pesto Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


6 Colossal Fresh Water Shrimp
6 tsp pesto
1 tsp garlic spice
3 strips of bacon, cut in half
3 lemon wedges
2 tbsp seafood sauce


If the shrimp is frozen, thaw and remove the shells but leaving the tail in tact. Open the back of the shrimp, and place 1 tsp pesto in the opening. Sprinkle with garlic spice. Lay the shrimp on one half of a slice of bacon and wrap around the shrimp and secure with a toothpick. Squeeze lemon on the shrimp before baking.

Place on a wire rack and then set onto a cooking sheet. In a preheated 375 degree oven, place the shrimp on a middle rack and bake for approximately 20 minutes until the bacon is cooked. You may turn them if you choose so that the bacon is crisp on both sides.

Serve hot and garnish with lemon and parsley and serve with a seafood sauce.

Pair with a nice glass of Chardonnay.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    OMG, I have to make this. You should see the huge, fresh shrimp I get from the seafood shop 50 paces from my back door right now.


  2. Sprat says:

    Lucky you….
    Give them a try…. 🙂 You can stuff shrimp with anything and wrap them up with bacon…..sooooo good!

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