Scallop Salami Bites

After picking up our the latest version of the ‘Inspired’ Holiday issue from Sobey’s here in Canada, I was thrilled when I turned to page 32…and WOW…saw such a beautiful sight.

Seared scallops topped with toasty salami and artichokes. I deviated slightly from their version and topped mine with Italian marinated mushrooms.

What a treat!


8 medium to large scallops
8 Italian marinatied mushrooms
8 slices of salami
2 tbsp extra virgin oil


Heat the virgin oil in a skillet and sear the scallops for 2 minutes on each side. Make sure they are browned. Add the salami slices to the skillet and brown for a few minutes till slightly golden.

Fold the salami and add the mushroom with a skewer and serve.

Simple , easy and oh so tasty!

Serves 2- 4


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