KiWango Martini

Decided to recreate this delicious rum laced martini and it certainly packs a punch.  Two fresh and tasty fruits come together in the most wonderful way.  Fresh and vibrant in colour and a tangy rich taste to tempt the taste buds!  Refreshing on a sunny day on the deck relaxing ~



This martini is a wonderful blend of fresh mango and kiwi’s combined, for a delightfully fruity and refreshing martini. A great summer drink when fruits are fresh and plentiful.


1 fresh mango, peeled and sliced
1 kiwi, peeled and sliced
3 oz rum of choice, preferrably amber or dark rum
3 oz triple sec
3 parts orange juice
fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice


In a blend add 4 slices of fresh mango, chopped. Add 4 slices kiwi, chopped. Add the remainder of the ingredients along with the ice and blend.
Serve in a martini or margarita glass. Add lemon and lime slices as garnish.

Serves 2


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