Citrus Fruit Punch

This is my daughter’s version of ‘Citrus Fruit Punch’. After googling some recipes and not wanting to add soda, Chelsea’s concoction of fruits juices, sparkling punch and raspberries is delightful. The secret to a delicious punch, which is not watered down with ice cubes, is in the freezing of fruit juice to add to the punch.

A Great punch for baby showers, weddings, parties or any type of get-together. This is a non-alcoholic punch, but can most certainly be spiked with vodka or your liquor of choice…to pack a real punch! 🙂


1 can/container frozen tangerine juice ( Fruitopia )
1 can/container Mango Citrus juice
4 cups of water (approximately)
2 cans Sparkling grapefruit drink
frozen raspberries

In a muffin tin, pour 1 can sparkling grapefruit juice and add raspberries to each muffin cup. Freeze until ready to serve with the punch.

In a large punch bowl add frozen juices, sparkling grapefruit drink and water.

When guests have arrived, remove the muffin tin from the freezer and run hot water to loosen the frozen muffin cups.

Add to the punch and there you have it! Laddle the punch into small cups or glasses.

A delightfully refreshing punch…..that will most definitely excite your guests.

Serves 15 – 25 people ( depending on the size of the glasses.


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  1. jenny LJ says:

    Your an awesome OOman ~*~

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