Red Stripe Coconut Chicken

A wonderful Jamaican flavoured chicken dish…with the delicious taste of the island’s famous beer, ‘Red Stripe’. A blend of beer and the sweet flavour of coconut cream makes this dish…..oh so yummy!

Tender chicken pieces smoothered in vegetables, potatoes and a creamy coconut sauce.

Start with all of this….


5 – 8 pieces of chicken, breast, thighs, or miscut pieces
1 can of coconut cream (200 – 300 ml )
1 bottle of Red stripe
3 tblsp virgin oil
1 carrot
1/2 sweet red pepper
1/2 green bell pepper
1/2 orange pepper
1/2 tsp garlic pepper spice
4 cloves garlic
1/2 leek
1 onion
4 potatoes
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp thyme
1/4 tsp rosemary
fresh chopped sage
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp fresh lemon squeezed
1 tblsp cornstach
Fresh green beans for 4 servings


Wash chicken pieces and pat dry. Brown in a skillet with heated oil and season the chicken with garlic pepper. Set aside chicken when browned. Save the garlic pepper and oil in the pan, but remove most of the chicken fat.

Slice up onion, carrots, garlic, potatoes and 1/4 of the green and red and yellow peppers. ( Save the rest of the pepper to saute at the end. ) Add small amount of oil to a pot and saute the veggies for a couple of minutes.

Add chicken, potoates along with the can of coconut cream and 1 bottle of red stripe. Add herbs, mix together and bring to a boil. Simmer and cook for 30 minutes as the liquid boils down.

Cook the green beans in a pot of water, el dente.

Remove chicken from the pot and place in a casserole dish.

With a straining spoon, add veggies and potoates on top of the chicken. Add cornstarch to the sauce in the pot and stir to thicken. Once at desired thickness, pour over top of the chicken and place the casserole dish in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.

Add the rest of peppers, red, green and yellow and slices of leek to the skillet with the garlic pepper spice. Saute for a few minutes then add the cooked green beans for another minute or two till slightly browned.

Serve chicken with sauce and potatoes along with the pepper/ bean saute. Garnish with lemon and lime slices.

A wonderful Jamaican dish with the flavour of coconut and red stripe beer!

Serves 4


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