‘That’s a Crock’ Soup

This recipe has no set ingredients.

We all know what ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ means. So when you are heading off on vacation and want to use up leftovers and any fresh vegetables you have on hand, throw it all into a pot and call it soup. 🙂

First off…use your imagination….even be a bit daring and name your own soup! Why not? You’re the cook….so go for it. 🙂

Pretty simple.

Chop up everything and add to the pot. Add canned tomatoes, spices of choice, water, boullion, celery, carrots, mushrooms, bacon….or other left over veggies. Add any noodles or rice to the soup.

There is no rhyme or reason….for the ingredients…hence no set recipe!

The final name for this soup….when cleaning out the fridge before vacation…

That’s a Crock Soup

You can see what process it takes to make a delicious, hearty soup.

Add the tomatoes and chop up sausage to add along with left over chicken, beef…or whatever you have in the fridge.

Add vegetables and spices, along with beef and chicken boullion and a splash of wine to give it a punch.

Stir and cook, then simmer and serve.

Ohhhh…in my case, I will be handing this pot of soup off to my daughter after one or two bowls of course!

Serves as many as you want…depending on the size of the bowls.

Enjoy with rolls, bread or crackers. This soup is a meal in itself!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Maree says:

    That is SUCH a crock Jackie!!! LOL

    DO love that pot!

    Looks really good……and always LOVE the pics.

    Keep ’em comming!

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