Peppercorn Steak

There is nothing better than a well cooked steak. We prefer our steaks medium rare….and you definitely have to watch your steaks carefully when broiling, grilling, or barbecueing.




2 good sized tenderloin or top sirloin medallions
1 package peppercorn sauce
1 onion
10 mushrooms
margarine or butter
Virgin oil
Steak spice


Have the steak at room temperature at least 1 hour before cooking. Season steaks on both sides and let sit.

When you are ready to cook steaks, brush with virgin oil on both sides. Oven should be preheated for broiling. Place steaks on a rack. Broil on rack that is not too close to the steak. You do not want to char the outside. When both sides have been broiled you can close the oven and bake till cooked. It all depends on the thickness of the steak.

Slice mushrooms and onions and saute in a skillet with margarine. Make the peppercorn sauce as according to the package and serve with a baked potato.

Serve steaks and garnish potato with sour cream and pair with a smooth Australian Shiraz ( our choice, Jacbob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet )

Serves 2


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