Glazed Carrots & Parsnips

glazed carrots  parsnips

This is a delightful fall dish to serve with supper. Parsnips seem to be a much neglected vegetable with a wonderful distinctive taste and texture.


6 Carrots
6 Parsips
3 tblsp. butter or margarine
1/2 brown sugar
1 tsp ginger or grated whole ginger
1 tsp lemon juice or squeeze fresh lemon


Cut vegetables length wise in medium length pieces. Cook parsnips and carrots separately as they cook differently. Carrots will need longer.
Remove from heat and drain.

In a sauce pan add butter, brown sugar, ginger and lemon juice. Place vegetables in a serving dish and pour sauce over top, mixing the vegetables gently to cover all with mixture.

Top with parsley and serve.

Serves 4 – 6


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