Seafood Extravaganza

seafood extravaganza

This was a fabulous seafood platter for four that we had at my daughter’s for this past father’s day. Appetizers
( lobster stuffed mushroom caps ) and drinks followed by this scrumptous platter.

Herb baked salmon
Garlic shrimp
calamari rings
lobster claws
battered shrimp
Scallops wrapped in bacon

Garlic shrimp, battered shrimp were done on the barbecue, while the scallops and the calamari were done in the oven.

Salmon baked with fresh herbs

salmon with herbs

Wrap salmon in foil ( sprayed with vegetable oil ) add a squeeze of lemon juice and add fresh herbs from the garden. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. ( 10 minutes each side ).

Serve with spinach salad and garlic bread.

Spinach Salad

Seafood for Four


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  1. Looks like quite a feast. I posted a shrimp recipe that you might consider adding. Its very flavorful and very easy.

    1. Sprat says:

      Thanks Natasha….it looks yummy…always nice to get new seafood ideas 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the holidays!

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