Garlic Pork Back Ribs with Mushroom Fried Rice

With fabulous tasting Chinese Food…comes ancient proverbs and sayings. It’s whether we take heed in understanding and eventually make those necessary changes in our lives that really matters….

Food…is a staple in our lives…a necessity we can’t live without.

This Chinese saying certainly rings true.

“Even the most resourceful housewife cannot create miracles from a riceless pantry. When you are poor and have no food, even the craftiest housewife cannot produce a meal. ”

Garlic Ribs

Garlic Pork Back Ribs.. ‘finger lickin’ good!

Today was a day for warmin’ up the kitchen with some comfort foods that I love. A favorite meal over the years is chinese food. I am not such a big fan of chinese take out anymore, but couldn’t get enough of a big buffet when I was a kid.

Remember filling up your plate with a mountain of chicken balls…fried rice…egg rolls, and leaving half of it on you plate?? Let’s open the fortune cookies!

That reminds me of a time we visited the in-laws in Florida and my son did exactly that at a buffet.
My father-in-law was quite agitated and said to my husband, ” He isn’t eating his all of his chicken balls” and my husband said, “give him a chance to grow up, he’s just a kid!” My father-in-law didn’t skip a beat before replying….

“Well, you never did!”

Ahhhh…the special bond between a father and son. 🙂

Simple Recipe

Cut up pork ribs enough to serve 4
Braise ribs in a roasting pan in 350 degree oven till slightly browned. Remove and drain juice and fat from the pan. In the same roasting pan add a jar of garlic sauce, (VH sauce ) or other related type of sauce. Cook slowly aproximately 2 hours in a medim oven.

Ribs should be `fall off the bone`delicious.

Serve with Mandarin Chicken with Snow Peas & Almonds (recipe posted separately ) and Mushroom Fried Rice and egg rolls.

Mushroom Fried Rice


Thai Jasmine rice ( serving for 4 )
4 large mushrooms
3 garlic cloves
1 green onion
Green pepper ( optional )
2 eggs
Soya Sauce


Cook rice as per package and set aside.

In a skillet saute cut up veggies with a small amount of virgin olive oil. Fry two eggs, breaking up the pieces. Add rice along with soya sauce.

Serve with your chinese food dishes.

Optional: You can add shrimp or other main choices for your fried rice. Cook the same as above.


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