In a Pickle…

Ok…so here’s how it goes.

I have never attempted to make homemade pickles in my life. That is a fact!

Since many of the people who have so generously given me bottles of delicous pickles over the years are getting older and the ‘well is running dry’ so to speak, I thought it was high time I tried my hand at it. Well…let’s just say, “We all can’t be good at everything…all of the time”. sigh..

I googled many recipes and I guess, the fact that I am not very good at following recipes…,I just decided to do a few steps from each one. I initially wanted to do “diabetic pickles” because of no sugar, low calorie appeal, but that didn’t work to my advantage.

Anyways to make a long story short, they were way to vinegary tasting…and spicy, and after three weeks sitting in the fridge, I pulled out all the bottles and recooked them with half a bag of sugar!

In the end…my Bread & Butter pickles turned out pretty tasty, ( I guess when I give out a few bottles to family and friends, that will be the tell-tale sign ) I obviously have no actual recipe to post.

Yummy Bread & Butter PicklesPickles Looking good....

Cooking up the pickles

Off to a good start....

Maybe I will just leave it to the ‘Pickling Pros’….but then again, I might ask for some advice from my father-in-law…and give it another go next year.

Just thought I would share my ‘pickling story’.


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