We’d be Jammin’

ChokeCherry Jam

Chokecherry Jam

My father-in-law just turned eighty and he still makes an effort to pick berries and make his own jam! Actually he is mighty proud of it. Just so happens, I am on the receiving end of these great endevours.

It has become his unexpected role in life, to take over the cooking duties….and he takes that pretty seriously. From baking cookies to making pies, picking berries, making jam and pickling…he thrives on keeping busy in the kitchen.

Choke Cherries

Sometimes I wonder, at eighty years of age… will I still have the desire and energy to keep on cooking in the kitchen?

I sure hopes so.

I will ask him for the recipe and post it for you jam lovers out there!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LadyRider/Gina says:

    Your KILLIN me Jackie..Please share that recipe!!

    1. Sprat says:

      Gina…I will get that recipe for you…and thanks for stopping in 🙂

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